During an Era of Information Overflow, there are numerous brands out there talking every day. Each one tries its best to reach out through different communication channels and to maximise awareness by spending massive amounts of dollars in the media.

Are they being heard? Do people really believe what they say? It’s not only about how loud and how frequently you talk, it’s about whether you have a credible tone to give a voice to your brand and product.

At SCMP MS, we are equipped with an integrated team of marketing solutions expertise in different disciplines; ATL, BTL, digital, event and outdoor. On top of that, we are a special agency set up and backed by SCMP which can leverage on SCMP’s credible products and editorial expertise – as a trustworthy handle for our campaign;. When our two strengths – MS strength and media strength work hand-in-hand, synergy brings us the most powerful silver bullet – Authoritative Marketing Solutions.

Our Clients